Video shows man pull struggling shark out of water and pin it down to pose for pictures on Florida beach

The shark is seen struggling to get back in to the water and swim away after it is released

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A man has been filmed pulling a struggling shark out of the water on a Florida beach and pinning it to the sand in order to be photographed with the distressed fish.

In the full length video captured by local WPTV journalist Ashleigh Walters at Palm Beach, in which an unidentified man is seen dragging the shark out of the water as people filmed the scene on their mobile phones.

He then pins the fish down on to the sand and leans over it to pose for pictures, while a crowd of people photograph him.

The shark is then seen being dragged back in to the water by another man, but struggles to swim back out to sea.

Ms Walters stated that the shark was put further out into the water after the end of the video, but that “it did not resurface for several minutes”.

It comes days after a video emerged apparently showing tourists passing around an endangered baby dolphin for photos on an Argentinian beach.

The footage sparked outrage after it was claimed the dolphin had overheated and died of dehydration while being used for pictures.

Baby dolphin dies after being passed around beach for selfies

A tourist who took the widely-circulated photos of the incident, Hernan Coria, claims the dolphin had been dead when it was picked up out of the water, and was one of several dead dolphins that had washed up on the beach that day.