Warning over cats falling out of windows during warm weather after injured pet's leg amputated

The Blue Cross treats around 100 cats injured in falls every year

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Cat owners are being warned not to let their pets wander too near open windows in the summer weather after several pets almost fell to their deaths.

The Blue Cross has cautioned that cats do not always land on their feet as it treats several injured pets that fell out of windows in London during a spell of warmer weather.

Domino, one of the cats taken to the charity’s hospital in Victoria, broke one of his back legs so badly that it had to be amputated.

The one-year-old black cat, who fell from a second floor window, was one of three pets injured in a week.

Alison Thomas, a senior veterinary surgeon with the Blue Cross, said: “Domino is really lucky to have survived a fall from such a height, but his leg was really badly damaged so the best option for him was to amputate.

“Cats do adapt well to life on three legs, so hopefully Domino will go on to lead a happy and long life.”

Cat-windows.jpgA second cat also had a back leg amputated after falling four storeys, while a third suffered lung and ligament injuries after plummeting from a fifth-floor window.

A spokesperson for the Blue Cross says it sees a rise in cats with serious injuries brought into its hospitals after falling from high windows every summer, seeing around 100 a year in total.

Ms Thomas said cats become curious about the sounds and smells coming from outside and can easily lose their footing.

Owners are urged to install windows that cats cannot get out of, only open them partially or use a screen to keep their pets safe.