Watch a Lamborghini driver rev his car so hard it catches fire

Let this video be a lesson to the owners of other luxury cars

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A driver in Knightsbridge, London has been left red-faced after an attempt to show off his car spectacularly backfired – quite literally.

The owner of a £300,000 Lamborghini Aventador revved his engine so hard that it caught fire.

A passerby caught the incident on their mobile phone after the sound of revving attracted a small crowd.

In the video the owner dashes out of his super car when he is alerted to the flames that are shooting out of the back of the vehicle.

The man then frantically tries to put out the small blaze by swatting at the flames using what looks like a piece of clothing and at one point seems to be trying to blow it out.

In order to save face, he got back into the vehicle and drove off down the road and pulled into a side street.

He eventually put out the fire using a bottle of water - it is likely that unused fuel helped to keep the fire going.

Let that be a lesson to the owners of luxury cars: if you got it, don’t flaunt it.