Water Mitty Hunters Club: Vigilantes call for fake military veterans to be imprisoned

The Walter Mitty Hunters Group operate online and claim to have named and shamed more than 300 people

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A vigilante group that "unmasks" people who have lied about military service or medals recieved have called for such fantasists to be imprisoned.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Group operates online and claims to have named and shamed more than 300 people.

The vigilante group told Sky News: "It's an insult to all those who have worked hard, felt the pain, and in some cases, lost people close to them.

"There is also an abuse of charity resources, for example, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) charities where people will make up a service career to gain an advantage.

"In turn, the real people in need of help have to wait longer or don't get it at all. It's getting worse and needs to stop."

The group has called for a similar law to the US where people can be imprisoned for wearing military uniforms for financial gain.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said: "There are currently no plans to introduce legislation along the lines of the USA's Stolen Valour Act.

"It is already an offence to make a false claim of service if it amounts to fraud or a similar offence such as obtaining services dishonestly."

Speaking to Sky News, individuals targeted by the group have said they feel wrongly treated.

Agreeing with the MoD, former SAS soldier Phil Campion said: "I do 100% understand where this stolen valour thing comes from.

"But to gang up and expose people, and do it to the degree of mickey taking that they've done, banter or not banter, for me, takes it a step too far sometimes."