Window shatters as Tube train travels on London's Piccadilly Line

One passenger screamed but the rest of the carriage was merely 'bemused'

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A window on a Tube train shattered in London on Monday, leaving one passenger screaming in terror as glass flew through the carriage.

The Piccadilly Line train was travelling between Turnpike Lane and Manor House station, in the north of the capital, the Evening Standard reported.

No one was seriously injured in the incident at around 3.30pm and passengers said it was lucky the train was quiet at the time.

Sarah Whiteman took a picture of the window, in a door between carriages, showing it broken and shattered.

The 23-year-old told the Standard: “There was a massive bang. I screamed, everyone looked bemused [and] the shards of glass shattered onto the floor.

“It was really weird. Everyone was doing their own thing, there were only six or seven people in that carriage, and then there was a humongous bang and I screamed. The window had just blown out, and glass hit my foot.”

She added: “Everyone just looked at each other - no one actually spoke.”

A spokesperson for Transport for London said the train was taken out of service.

“No injuries were reported and we are investigating the full circumstances surrounding the incident,” he added.