Journalist in libel case 'celibate'

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A JOURNALIST who is suing Channel 4 Television for libel over a programme which she says suggested she had an affair with Eugene Terre Blanche, the South African neo-Nazi leader, told the High Court yesterday that she had never had sex with anyone other than her ex-husband.

Jani Allan, 41, questioned by George Carman QC, counsel for Channel 4 Television, said that she had a problem dealing with the 'reality of the sexual experience'.

Pressed by Mr Carman on whether she had really not had sex with any man other than her husband, from whom she was divorced in 1984 after two years of marriage, Miss Allan said: 'I find it surprising you find it so surprising. There are people who embrace celibacy.'

She added: 'It's true to say I've had sexual foreplay, as it were.'

Mr Carman said that he would be suggesting to the jury that Miss Allan was a 'dangerous, accomplished liar'.

The hearing continues today.