Kidnap boy 'not in danger'

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POLICE across Europe were given details of a man and his 12-year-old son yesterday after the boy was abducted for the third time.

Peter Malkin, 54, a country club owner from Kent, took Oliver from close to his former wife's new home in Landevant, Brittany, on Monday. It is believed Mr Malkin and his son may be travelling with a woman. Detectives said it was unlikely that the boy was in any danger despite being bundled into a car by his father and three other men.

Kent Police issued an appeal for anyone seeing a red VW Golf with French registration plates, 990KNF75, which was hired by Mr Malkin in Calais. The car, occupied by a man, woman and child, failed to stop at a French police checkpoint soon after the abduction.

One of the police team said they did not believe that Mr Malkin had returned to Britain and was probably touring somewhere in Europe. A number of addresses in Kent and the South-west had been searched.

'It is very easy to move about across Europe and we are in touch with all the relevant authorities,' said a spokesman for Kent Police.

Sarah Evans, a solicitor representing Eliza Pridmore, 36, Oliver's mother, said Mrs Pridmore, who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, was distraught after the abduction. Ms Evans admitted that there may have been 'difficulties' between Oliver and Andrew Pridmore, his stepfather, but the family was now living happily since their move to France.

Detective Constable Malcolm Mounce, of Kent Police, said: 'It is all very confusing for poor Oliver. I have spoken at length with Peter and now know him quite well. He is totally obsessed with young Oliver. He is devoted but obsessed. I don't fear for Oliver's safety but what effect this is having on him mentally I just wouldn't like to say.'

The search for Mr Malkin and his son was initiated when a High Court judge ordered that he should be arrested on sight.