'Kidnapped' man must face trial in UK court

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AN ALLEGED plot by British police to collude in the kidnapping and illegal extradition from South Africa of a New Zealander to stand trial in Britain was not an abuse of the British court process, the High Court ruled yesterday.

Paul Bennett, will have to stand trial in the UK, Lord Justice Woolf and Mr Justice Pill said. If the claims are true, they ruled, his only redress for kidnap, unlawful imprisonment in South Africa and illegal extradiction is to sue under international or civil law.

Mr Bennett, a helicopter pilot working in South Africa, was wanted in London on suspicion of dishonestly obtaining dollars 350,000 ( pounds 182,000) of finance. He claims that in January 1991 he was arrested by South African police and on instructions from Scotland Yard, and possibly for a reward, forcibly brought to Britain.

He was arrested on his arrival and remanded in custody until his appearance at Horseferry Road magistrates' court in central London on 22 May where he was committed on charges of obtaining property by deception.

Mr Bennett said after yesterday's High Court ruling: 'This gives British police carte blanche to go round kidnapping people from countries . . . which have no extradition treaty with Britain.'