Last Jamaican detainee sent home

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THE LAST of a group of Jamaicans awaiting deportation was flown home yesterday as protests continued about the removal of 27 others after they were refused entry by immigration authorities.

The man was put on a flight to Jamaica after being held in a prison in London for nearly a week. He was one of 190 people detained after they arrived on a charter flight carrying 323 passengers from Kingston to Gatwick last Tuesday.

The group of 27 Jamaicans, who said they were in Britain to visit relatives, was put on board a Boeing 757 chartered by the Home Office on Christmas Day. The Home Office said: 'Immigration officials had reason to believe they would not comply with the terms of temporary admission.'

A 29th man was granted temporary admission while his case was reviewed after legal action was taken on his behalf. Yesterday the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, which has condemned the deportations, said it would apply for a judicial review towards the end of the week on behalf of those sent back. Max Madden, the Labour MP, has already called on the Prime Minister to order a review.

Representatives of the West Indian community protested about the 'lack of compassion and uncaring manner' in which the passengers were treated and called for a full review of immigration laws.

A spokesman for the West Indian Standing Conference said the Jamaicans were 'made to appear as criminals'.

The conference would be demanding an inquiry at meetings in January with the Immigration Service and the Home Secretary.