Magazine to name 'gay' ministers

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THE MAGAZINE that yesterday finally settled a libel suit with the Prime Minister says it will next week name two Cabinet ministers and 16 Conservative MPs alleged to have had homosexual relationships during their careers.

Scallywag, published in north London, proposes to detail an alleged homosexual affair between the two ministers, and another between one minister and a Tory backbencher. Under the heading 'Tory Family Values', the magazine plans to list a further 16 Conservatives it says have had homosexual relationships.

John Major and Claire Latimer, a north London caterer, sued the magazine last year after it alleged that the couple had had an affair. At the High Court yesterday, Mr Major's action for damages and costs was discontinued on the basis that Scallywag undertook not to repeat the allegations.

Angus Jones, the magazine's managing editor, said the latest allegations were based on rumours that had been circulating around Parliament, the gay community and Fleet Street for more than two years. 'We're confident enough that the stories are true, but part of the reason we're publishing is to flush out more information.'

The magazine will also print a copy of a pink leaflet sent to voters in the ministers' constituencies alleging they were having an affair.

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