More drink-drivers risk having cars confiscated

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CONFISCATING the cars of drink-drivers will become more widespread, the secretary of the Association of Chief Police Officers said yesterday, writes Helen Nowicka.

David Williams made his comments as figures were published showing a slight fall in positive breath tests recorded during the first three days of the Government's Christmas campaign against drink-driving compared with last year.

The proportion of drivers who failed tests in England and Wales between 19 and 21 December was 5.9 per cent, against 7.6 per cent in 1992. A total of 17,602 were tested.

Mr Williams, chief constable of Surrey, said 'There are still a lot of people who aren't listening. We need to do more work on that hard core.'

The association has advised police forces to urge courts to confiscate cars in 'really serious' drink-drive cases, such as where a driver's alcohol level was 'extraordinarily high,' or where he or she had a conviction for drink-driving or was on bail for a similar offence.