National Lottery changes: Lucky number 59? New balls introduced in major draw overhaul that will 'guarantee more millionaires'

Lotto overhaul - the biggest in its 21-year history - increases pool of numbers from 49 to 59, triples jackpots and guarantees one £1m winner per week

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It does not sound like the odds stack up.

But the National Lottery says its draws will soon be more likely to make you a millionaire - despite the introduction of 10 extra balls.

From October, Lotto players will have 59 numbers to choose from - up from 49 - in what is being billed as the biggest overhaul of the National Lottery in its 21-year history.

The "enhancements" brought in by organisers Camelot include a so-called Millionaire Raffle, guaranteeing at least one millionaire per draw, while the average jackpot of prize money will triple in size.

Camelot say that the new minimum number of winners means that players will now have a one-in-10 million chance of winning at least £1 million, compared with the present one-in-14 million chance.

Players who match two numbers will win a Lucky Dip ticket for a future draw, which Camelot said would create an extra 1.8 million winners a week and increase the overall chance of winning any prize from one in 54 currently to one in 9.3.

The cost of playing will remain at £2 a line, and other prizes such as £25 for matching three numbers will also stay the same.

Camelot chief executive Andy Duncan said: "Lotto has enjoyed two years of consecutive growth since we reinvigorated the game in 2013 and has already delivered over £250 million more to good causes than if we had done nothing to change the game.

"What we're announcing today - offering players more chances than ever to become a millionaire on Lotto and bigger rolling jackpots - is part of our programme of continuous innovation and builds on Lotto's ongoing success."

Additional reporting by Press Association.