New 155mph Jaguar goes on show in Amsterdam

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JAGUAR'S new 155mph sports saloon makes its debut in Amsterdam today - next door to the country where it is expected to have its main European appeal.

Germany is the only country in the world without speed limits on its motorways, which will allow the full potential of the V12-engined XJ12 saloon to be reached. A Jaguar spokesman said yesterday: 'We expect that it will account for more of our sales in Germany than anywhere else in continental Europe.'

The fall in the value of sterling against the Deutschmark makes the new car, which will sell for pounds 46,000 in Britain, an even better buy in Germany. 'There is no doubt our exit from the European exchange rate mechanism is enabling us to sell our cars more competitively,' the carmaker's spokesman added.

The car's six-litre engine and a new four-speed electronic automatic transmission transform the performance of the flagship model. It reaches 60mph in 6.8 seconds, compared with 8.9 seconds for the previous model, and the top speed is 16mph faster than the Series 111 saloons it replaces.

A Daimler Double Six version will go on the market later for an extra pounds 5,700.