New Year Honours: Awards in the armed forces


Order of the Bath


Biggs, Vice-Admiral Geoffrey William Roger.

Layard, Vice-Admiral Michael Henry Gordon.


Cooke-Priest, R-Adml CHD; Lammiman, Surgeon R-Adml DA; Musson, R-Adml JGR.

Order of the

British Empire


Beeley, Srgn Cdre JM; Kerr, Capt DAH; Lewis, Cdre DRS; Voute, Capt PA.


Bithell, Cdr J; Coward, Cdr BR; Edger, Cdr PG; Hammond, Cdr PW; Kennedy, Cdr AG; Kitchin, Cdr MJ; Steiner, Cdr ASt J; Taylor, Capt PA, R Fl Aux Serv; Traill, Cdr CG; Ware, Loc Lt-Col JM, RM; White, Cdr DSH.


Catterson, Lt-Cdr J; Cokes, Lt (Cs) AJ; Dalgleish, Lt-Cdr (Ms) JR; Embleton, Lt-Cdr R; Fisher, Lt-Cdr MAL; Hewitt, Lt-Cdr IK; Keery, Lt-Cdr (Scc) WD, RN Res; Kinsey, Lt Cdr (Scc) TE, RN Res; Northfield, WO 1 MA, RM; O'Sullivan, Lt-Cdr RF; Palmer, Lt-Cdr MR; Perry, Lt-Cdr GJ; Poole, Lt-Cdr DAC; Wakeford, WO AE; Wright, Lt-Cdr GN.


Austin, CPO Steward DJ; Ayles, CPO Air Eng Artfcr (R) M; Burden, Chge Ch Marine Eng Artfcr (P) LR; Campbell, PO Airman (Phot) AL; Donovan, CPO (Deck) T, R Fleet Aux Serv; Foster, Chge Ch Marine Eng Artificer (Ml) (Sm) A; Fung, CPO Physical Trainer RP; Hughes, Ch Weapon Eng Mechanic (R) J; Metcalfe, Chge Ch Commnctns Tech MP; Morrissey, Ch Marine Eng Mechanic (M) PJ; Page, CPO Stores Accnt G; Rawson, Actg Cpo Radio Supvr CEL; Sey, Col Sgt RA, RM; Southgate, Col Sgt MG, RM; Thurmer, CPO Weapon Eng Artfcr GR, RN Res; Tinney, Ch Marine Eng Mech (M) SR; Young, Chge Ch Marine Eng Artfcr (P) PR.


Hawksworth, Lt-Cdr CG.

Queen's Commendation

for Valuable Service

in the Air

Low, Lt-Cdr IAD; Thornton, Lt-Cdr CE.


Order of the Bath


Ramsbotham, General Sir David, late The Royal Green Jackets, Hon Col Cambridge University Officer Training Corps.


Barron, Maj Gen Richard Edward, late Queen's R Irish Hussars; Evans, Maj-Gen William Andrew, late 5th R Inniskilling Dragoon Gds; Harkness, Rev James, R Army Chaplains' Dept; Johnston, Maj-Gen James Frederick Junor, late REME; Macdonald, Maj-Gen John Donald.

Order of the

British Empire


Boyd-Carpenter, Lt-Gen Hon TPJ.


Atkinson, Brig AB, Army Ctrng Crps; Bullock, Brig RM, late R Crps Tspt; Hall, Col DS, late RAOC, TA; Lindsay, Col OJM, late Grndr Gds; Little, Brig PA, late 2nd KEVII's Own Gurkha Rifles; Pinion, Col AJ, late R Rgt of Artil; Shaw, Col DCN, late Devons and Dorset Rgt; Telfer, Brig CB, R Pioneer Crps.


Armitstead, Lt-Col EBL, Cldstm Gds; Ashworth, Lt-Col (now Col) SCH; Brown, Lt- Col TM, RE; Craig, Lt-Col AS, RE; Forey, Actg Lt-Col MF, CCF, TA; Grant-Haworth, Lt-Col MA, King's Regt; Haes, Lt-Col RE, R Angl Regt; Hughes, Lt-Col DP, R Crps of Sgnls; Kay, Maj BA, HAC, TA; Kirkwood, Lt-Col SC, RE, TA; Lyon, Lt-Col AR, REME; Martindale, Lt- Col DJ, Army PTC; Mieville, Lt-Col AC, Princess of Wales's R Regt; Porteous, Actg Col WR, ACF, TA; Reynolds, Lt-Col SE, Adj Gen's Crps; Syms, Lt-Col MEA, RCT; Webster, Lt-Col JPO, Glos Regt.


Axup, Capt RR, Adj Gen's Crps; Beck, Maj I, Scots Gds; Blewitt, Capt RC, R Welch Fslrs, TA; Broadbent, WO1 RC, R Rgt of Fslrs; Browning, Capt EG, Para Rgt, TA; Christmas, Maj RAM, Princess of Wales's R Rgt; Clesham, Maj BP, 2nd KEVII's Own Gurkha Rifs; Coe, Maj DC, R Angl Rgt; Collett, Maj JA, R Rgt of Artil; Cowlam, Maj SP, R Crps of Tspt.

Davidson, Maj BRN, R Irish Rgt; Davies, Capt SP, Lt Drag; Edwardes, Maj John SM, R Highland Fslrs; Emery, WO1 MJ, REME; Everton, Capt MW, R Crps of Tspt; Gillies, Maj KR, R Scots; Graham, Maj AJN, Argyll and Sutherland Hlndrs; Hodges, Maj CO, King's Rgt; James, Maj PC, R Rgt of Wales; Jobes, Capt JJ, King's Rgt, TA; Johnston, Maj AJB, Cldstm Gds; Jones, LWO2 KC, R Angl Rgt; Kennedy, WO2 (now WO1) AT, R Hland Fslrs; Killip, Maj (actg Lt-Col) HFM, RE; Kyd, Maj (now Lt-Col) DA, Adj Gen's Crps, TA.

Lithgow, Maj M, R Crps of Sgnls; Lloyd, WO2 GD, REME; Mair, Actg Capt FJM, ACF, TA; McGowan, WO2 JA, Scots Gds; McMeeken, Capt GD, Devons and Drset Rgt, TA; Moore, LWO2 (Local WO1) MV, Green Howards; Neville, Capt MW, Yorkshire Vols, TA; Northridge, WO1 C, R Rgt of Artil; Purdy, Maj RWH, R Rgt of Artil; Routledge, LWO1 GB, R Tank Rgt. Sanderson, WO2 PA, RE; Smith, Capt (now Maj) L, R Rgt of Artil; Smith, WO1 M R Crps of Sgnls; Smith, WO1 MJ, R Rgt of Artil; Smith, Maj (now Lt Col) ODA, Cheshire Rgt; Taylor, WO2 T, R Pioneer Crps, TA; Toms, Maj MR, R Crps of Tspt; Varley, Maj JH, Worcs and Sherwood Foresters Rgt; Wood, Maj AA, Blues and Royals; Yorke, Maj DR, Cldstm Gds.


Ball, St Sgt MPR, R Welch Fslrs; Bland, Cpl ML, RAOC; Carr, Sgt ND, R Regt of Artly; Cassidy, Sgt PA, AGC (RMP); Chesters, Cpl PR, R Corps of Sig; Clarke, St Sgt W, Yorks Vol, TA; Clough, Cpl GJ, RE; Collister, Sgt RA, Adj Gen's Corps (RMP); Connor, Sgt BP, Army Catg Corps; Cornwall, St Sgt TD, R Scots; Courtney, St Sgt AD, Worcs and Sherwood Foresters Regt; Cox, Sgt JP, R Regt of Artly; Davis, Cpl J, R Pioneer Corps.

Davison, St Sgt JA, Para Regt; Dawson, Sgt FW, R Corps of Signals; Despard, Cpl (actg Sgt) BJ, RAOC; Dobson, St Sgt OJ, Adj Gen's Corps (RMP); Eaton, L/Cpl (actg Cpl) NJ, Army Catg Corps; Fairbairn, L/Cpl G, R Pioneer Corps, TA; Finn, Cpl (actg Sgt) SCJ, 9th/12th R Lancers; Fox, Sgt GP, Lt Dragoons; Gill, St Sgt BR, Adj Gen's Corps (RMP); Grinham, Cpl A, Princess of Wales's R Regt; Gurung, L/Cpl B, 2nd KEVII's Own Gurkha Rifles; Gurung, L/Cpl S, Queen's Gurkha Engrs; Gurung, Sgt S, Gurkha Trnsprt Regt; Hibbs, Sgt CA, R Corps of Trnspt, TA; Houston, St Sgt HG, Para Regt, TA; Huntley, St Sgt TI, R Regt of Artly; John, Sgt KB, R Corps of Sigs; Jolly, St Sgt RM, Gren Guards; Jones, St Sgt DA, RAMC; Kefer, Sgt (actg St Sgt) RJC, Welsh Grds; Kenyon, Sgt PG, Glos Regt; Kilford, L/Cpl DJ, R Corps of Sigs; King, Sgt (actg St Sgt) DN, R Corps of Trnspt; Kurthausen, Sgt FD, R Corps of Sigs; Leonard, Pte W, RAMC; Lister, Sgt PR, R Corps of Trnspt; McCreanor, St Sgt AP, RAOC; McMullan, Sgt G, R Regt of Artlry; Morrell, Cpl A, Army Catg Corps, TA; Noble, Sgt CB, Irish Guards; Palmer, Sgt WR, R Tank Regt; Payne, Sgt MP, Army PTC; Penniall, Sgt DP, Adj Gen's Corps (RMP); Robertson, Sgt (actg St Sgt) JG, R Corps of Trnspt; Rudland, Sgt WH, RE; Smallwood, Sgt RI, RE, TA; Stanton, Cpl MS, R Corps of Sigs; Tepielow, Sgt IG, R Corps of Sigs; Tetlow, St Sgt MF, Scots Grds; Tout, Cpl MJ, R Tank Regt; Tsang, Hk/Cpl MC, Hong Kong Mil Serv Corps.

Watkins, LSt Sgt (LWO2) RG, QOH; Watts, Sgt M, REME; Wesley, Cpl GJ, R Pioneer Corps; Yates, Sgt RC, R Regt of Artlry; Younger, St Sgt JW, R Corps of Trnspt.

Bar to BEM

Hasnip, Cpl RH, Army Catg Corps.

Royal Red Cross

Members: Keating, Lt Col MOM, QARANC, TA; Mumford-George, Lt Col MM, QARANC; Slattery, Col MM, QARANC. Associates: Botting, Maj FG, QARANC; Eldridge, Capt M, QARANC; Jones, Ft Sgt RA, RAF; McMachan, Capt TL, QARANC; Sokolow, Capt (actg Maj) PJ, QARANC.


Order of the Bath


Graydon, Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael.


Willis, Air Marshal John Frederick.


French, A V-M DR; Harding, A V-M PJ; Lucas, Ven (A V-M) BH.

Order of the

British Empire


Bunn, Gp Capt OG; May, A Cdre JAG; Maynard, A Cdre GJD; Peacock-Edwards, Gp Capt RS.


Coward, W Cdr DJ, (retd); Eley, W Cdr AG, RAAF; Garroch, W Cdr AW; Gaskin, W Cdr PPV; Higgs, W Cdr ARN; North, W Cdr GP; Smith, W Cdr AJ; Todd, W Cdr IF, RAFVR (Trg); Turpin, W Cdr RH; Warsap, W Cdr BL; Williams, W Cdr DN.


Alderson, WO R; Ballantyne, WO TB; Bell, Sq Ldr J; Blair, Flt Lt WGF, RAFVR (Trg); Broaders, WO SP; Bruce, Sq Ldr DL; Clinging, Sq Ldr D ; Dalton, Sq Ldr IR; Day, WO EC, RAFR ; Evans, Sq Ldr JG, RAFR; Gibson, Mast Aircrew PG; Groves, Sq Ldr Fiona J; Haywood, Flt Lt MW; Hill, Sq Ldr CD; McDougall, Mast Aircrew DM; Miller, WO AJ; O'Neill, Sq Ldr H, RAFVR ; O'Reilly, WO MV; Peer, Sq Ldr RC; Ruthen, Sq Ldr PL ; Sallis, Flying Off BA Simpson, Sq Ldr JH; Smith, WO RJ; Walker, WO W ; Yarrow, Sq Ldr TBJ.


Ash, Ft Sgt K, RAFR; Boden, Sgt PJ; Brodie, Ft Sgt G; Brown, Sgt PS; Davis, Cpl EH; Forster, Sgt (now Ft Sgt) GR; Hand, Ft Sgt TR; Hodge, Cpl CF; Kirkpatrick, Ft Sgt P; Long, Ft Sgt SM; McAteer, Sgt CM, WRAF; Meldrum, Ft Sgt DHA; Mitchell, Ft Sgt R; Morgan, Ft Sgt DW; Rolland, Sgt IM; Shimmons, Sgt MJ; Smith, Ft Sgt A; Tweddle, Ft Sgt G; Woodhead, Sgt ME, WRAF; Wright, Ft Sgt RW.

Air Force Cross

Waddington, Sq Ldr John Francis.

Royal Red Cross

Associate: Jones, Ft Sgt RA.

Queen's Commendation

for Valuable Service

in the Air

Bradford, Sq Ldr MWB; Cockram, Ft Lt SH; Denman, Sq Ldr KR; Grove, N, ch test pilot, Slingsby Aviation Ltd; Lawrance, Sq Ldr MJB; Rigby, Mast Aircrew M; Riley, Ft Lt GG; Rudin, Sq Ldr J; Stevens, Sq Ldr CD; Walby, Sq Ldr D.

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