No More Page Three: Social media users react to The Sun's decision to scrap topless women

Although majority of Twitter users were positive, many noted how much more there was to be done

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British tabloid The Sun appears to have – at least partially – scrapped the Page Three topless women.

On social media the decision has been greeted overwhelmingly popularly, with many tweeting in to focus point campaigners No More Page Three to offer their thanks and congratulations, but many have also pointed out how much more needs to be done.


Supporters, campaigners, politicians and journalists have all taken to Twitter to comment on the decision, but many have noted there is still some way to go before they can claim any kind of “victory.”

Still, there were many who took a moment to celebrate the progress that the campaign had managed to make. Early this morning the main account of No More Page Three tweeted out: “The wall of love coming our way is really powerful this morning! Thank you all. Best Tuesday ever!”

Although there has been no official confirmation from the tabloid, sister paper The Times this morning ran a piece appearing to confirm the news that the page's topless women were being quietly removed. But perhaps not quietly enough.

Labour politician Harriet Harman told BBC Radio4 that: “It won't be quiet – we will be making sure it is not quiet,” she said. Ms Harman, once labelled a "fanatical feminists" by a tabloid, has long supported removed the Page Three women.

Among the positivity there were a few souls who seemed less pleased about the decision.