PC praised for 'anti-sexism' code sacked for harassment

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A POLICEMAN who won a national award for a project to curb sexism has been sacked for sexual harassment.

Constable Phil Headley, 32, appeared before the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset, David Shattock, on Friday for sentencing following a disciplinary hearing. Mr Shattock ruled that PC Headley should be 'required to resign', a police spokesman said yesterday.

PC Headley had been found guilty of 'discreditable conduct' at the disciplinary hearing before John Evans, the Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall. The hearing heard accusations that PC Headley verbally taunted a 28-year-old female constable.

She was off work with stress and had complained to senior officers that she was taunted about her sex life by PC Headley, another constable and a sergeant while on duty in Bristol. It is understood no further action is being considered against the two other officers.

Last April, PC Headley, an inspector and Mr Shattock received an Equal Opportunities award from Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, for a code of conduct based on an idea by PC Headley.

Mr Howard described the guidelines as an attempt to 'address concerns raised by different interpretations of equal opportunities legislation, particularly sexual harassment'.

PC Headley is believed to be considering an appeal.