Photographer gets a smashing 'scoop'

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NOBODY COULD accuse Andy Styczynski, a freelance photographer, of earning a pounds 100 bonus from the Sun the easy way when he tracked down the man the newspaper described as the most wanted in Britain yesterday, writes Will Bennett.

His quarry was James Gilbey, a member of the gin dynasty, who is said to be the man on the intimate taped telephone conversation which has captured the attention of much of the world's press.

The woman on the tape is alleged to be the Princess of Wales and yesterday morning the Sun wanted to speak to Mr Gilbey, 36, about this so urgently that it offered a pounds 100 reward for a sighting.

The offer was aimed primarily at the paper's readers, but in the end it was Mr Styczynski, 31, who works regularly for the Sun, who earned the money in a most spectacular way. He had been watching the headquarters of the Lotus motor racing team, for whom Mr Gilbey works, at Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk, since Monday, when he spotted him driving along a nearby lane.

The photographer did a rapid U-turn and gave chase but lost Mr Gilbey. Suspecting that he might have gone to the Lotus offices he returned to Ketteringham and was immediately proved right.

His red Volkswagen Golf GTi collided head-on with Mr Gilbey's white Austin Montego, badly damaging both cars. Mr Styczynski was taken to hospital with whiplash injuries but later discharged. Mr Gilbey later went to the casualty department at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital where he was treated for bruising.

The Sun said: 'After detailed investigation and an interview with Mr Styczynski we are satisfied that he was going about his job in a conscientious and responsible manner. Mr Styczynski later claimed the Sun's pounds 100 reward for his scoop of tracking down Mr Gilbey, after this morning's paper carried a mock-up 'wanted' poster of him. The Sun is happy to pay him the money.'

Norfolk Police said the accident had occurred on a private road and so a prosecution was unlikely. Mr Gilbey could not be contacted for comment last night. He has gone to ground and the hunt for him has started all over again.

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