Pizza eaters 'treated with contempt'

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PIZZA eaters are being treated with contempt by 'greedy' companies that deliver 'disgusting and unacceptable' meals, according to the food expert Egon Ronay.

Many home delivered pizzas would not be accepted in other countries, he said.

'Nearly all of them are of low quality. Many of the people who produce them have contempt for the taste of the British public,' he said.

Mr Ronay was speaking after taking part in a home delivery pizza test for BBC2's Food and Drink. He sampled 20 pizzas with the Riley family at their home in Leeds. They tasted pizzas from national chains Domino's, Pizza Hut and Gino's, and from Leeds-based Mama Mia and Pizza House.

A Mama Mia delivery was given the highest mark - 31 out of 40. The lowest - six - went to a Pizza Hut offering.

Mr Ronay said: 'This is a fast growing section of the food industry. Packaging and delivery is excellent, but there is no reason why the pizzas cannot also be of good quality.'