Polgar fights back to share lead in chess

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In the Hastings International Chess Tournament, Judit Polgar, 16, beat Yevgeny Bareyev in yesterday's seventh round. Half way through the tournament, these two players now share the lead; Jonathan Speelman is in third place, writes William Hartston.

The game between Bareyev and Polgar was the most eventful of the tournament so far, with Bareyev attacking and Polgar meeting his threats with great resourcefulness. On the seventh move, Bareyev, playing white, pushed a pawn forwards with the clear intention of ripping his way through to the Black King and getting the game over with quickly. Three moves later, he sacrificed a pawn. Polgar's knights scurried to defend against a variety of threats, then she too sacrificed a pawn.

Bareyev jettisoned another pawn to keep his attack alive, but Polgar fought her way out of trouble. As white's pieces were forced backwards, Bareyev was forced to exchange queens and finally, with only kings and pawns remaining on the board, Polgar found a delicate manoeuvre to force victory.

Scores after round 7: Bareyev and Polgar 5 1/2 , Speelman 4 1/2 , Nunn 3, Sadler 2 1/2 (one unfinished), Gurevich 2 1/2, Polugayevsky 2 (one unfinished), Crouch 1 1/2 .