Policing the police: Investigations underway in British police forces: Correction

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On 30 April 1990 the Independent reported on investigations into police conduct and public confidence in the police. We listed a number of investigations then being supervised by the Police Complaints Authority (PCA).

Our report stated that allegations of corruption had been made and that disciplinary proceedings were pending against police detectives involved in investigating the murder of Danny Morgan, a south London private detective.

Police detectives involved in the Danny Morgan investigation subsequently complained to us. They said it was untrue to suggest that any disciplinary proceedings were brought or warranted in connection with the allegations arising from this murder inquiry.

The Independent acknowledges that at no time have disciplinary proceedings been initiated against any police officer in connection with allegations arising from the Danny Morgan murder inquiry.

At the time of our report, the Hampshire Police investigation into these allegations on behalf of the PCA had been completed and submitted to the PCA. It had found no grounds for any disciplinary proceedings. On considering the Hampshire Police report, the PCA too did not consider disciplinary proceedings appropriate.