Arts chief says politicians ignore cultural sector while claiming to support football teams

In April David Cameron seemed to forget he was an Aston Villa fan

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The chair of Arts Council England has accused “pathetic” politicians of ignoring the arts while claiming to be football fans as part of a popularity-seeking “faux man- or woman-of-the-people act”.

Sir Peter Bazalgette said that while more MPs were backing the arts, there was still a problem with politicians keeping quiet about the cultural sector while trying to win votes by declaring a love of football.

Speaking at the Soho Create festival in London, Sir Peter said: “[There is] still quite a strong idea in the House of Commons that you get votes by saying you’re a football fan but not by saying you’re a theatre fan. Actually, more people attend arts and cultural events than go to the football… It’s the faux man- or woman-of-the-people act, which is just pathetic.”

Sir Peter’s comments, reported in The Stage, come after David Cameron spoke about supporting West Ham United in April, despite his supposedly being an Aston Villa fan.