Brexit: If EU referendum were held again Remain would win, poll shows

But over half say they do not want a second referendum

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Britons would vote to Remain if the EU referendum were to be held today, a poll suggests.

A survey for The Mirror found that if the EU referendum were held again, 51 per cent would vote for Remain and 49 per cent would vote for Brexit.

The survey of more than 44,000 people found 13.5 per cent of people who voted to leave would vote to Remain if there were a second referendum. 

Brexit Bill backed: Theresa May allowed to start EU exit negotiations

In contrast, 9.3 per cent of those who voted to Remain would not vote to leave.

Such a switch in votes would give an overall result of 51.2 per cent to 48.8 per cent in favour of Britain remaining in the EU.

However, 51.3 per cent of those polled said they did not want a second referendum. 

The poll also found 54.7 per cent of respondents expect the UK to break up within the next 10 years as a result of Brexit. 

The poll chimes with previous research, carried out in June, which found up to 7 per cent of people who voted for Brexit now regret their choice.

Such regret, when projected on to the EU referendum vote, would have cut the Leave share by 1.2 million, almost wiping out the majority vote for Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to trigger Article 50 next month, which will formally begin the two-year withdrawal negotiation process, as long as her Brexit Bill passes the House of Lords.