Cameron and Clegg are 'snobbish and arrogant', US government advisers told Clinton

Newly released private emails criticise the 'privileged' background of the politicians

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An adviser to Hillary Clinton warned the US Secretary of State that David Cameron and Nick Clegg were “snobbish” and “arrogant”, according to newly released private emails.

The emails, sent in 2010 and released today by the State Department, give an a view into how Ms Clinton’s confidantes viewed the British political situation straight after the general election.

The unofficial adviser, Sidney Blumenthal, accuses Mr Clegg of having an “inbred arrogance” in one of his regular dispatches about British politics

The adviser is critical all of the three main party leaders

He adds that the former Lib Dem leader is “from no less a privileged background than Cameron, though seeming less snobbish because he went to Westminster instead of Eton and has a less pronounced upper-class accent”.

The adviser attributes Mr Clegg’s insistence of forming a Coalition with Mr Cameron to the fact that “his inner Tory magnetically draws him to his heritage”.

In a reply Ms Clinton says she shared the emails with ‘Bill’ – thought to refer to former president Bill Clinton. He is said to have described the missives as “brilliant”.


In another message, the advisor describes soon-to-be foreign secretary William Hague as “disingenuous” compared to his predecessor David Miliband.

The emails also show a preoccupation with the internal politics of the Labour party.

The defeat of Mr Miliband in ensuing Labour leadership election by his brother Ed Miliband is described as “something of a regression”.