Cameron backs moves to combat the sexualisation of children

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Shops should have to display "lads' mags" in plain covers and stop selling suggestive clothes to pre-teens under a range of measures backed by David Cameron to protect children from sexualised imagery.

Music videos should carry cinema-style certificates, advertisers should be discouraged from putting up raunchy posters near schools and broadcasting regulators should be instructed to clamp down on explicit programmes before the 9pm watershed.

The plans will be set out next week in a report commissioned by the Prime Minister on combating the sexualisation of young children. The report, Let Children Be Children, was drawn up by Reg Bailey, the chief executive of the Mothers' Union. It warns: "Sexualised and gender-stereotyped clothing, products and services for children are the biggest concerns for parents."

The British Retail Consortium will announce a new code, directing shops not to sell clothes for youngsters with suggestive slogans, or such items as enhanced bras for pre-teenage girls. The report calls for internet providers to make it more difficult for children to access pornographic sites – and to face regulation to force them to comply.

The report says: "We are living in an increasingly sexual and sexualised culture. Many parents feel this culture is inappropriate for their children and they want more power to say no."