Cameron dismisses talk of deal with Lib Dems

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David Cameron today dismissed talk of deals with the Liberal Democrats in the event of a hung Parliament, insisting he was fighting for an outright Tory win and the country needed "strong, decisive leadership".

Campaigning in his Oxfordshire constituency, Mr Cameron said: "All I'm thinking of in these last six days is how to secure the victory - not because it would be good for the Conservative party but because it would be good for our country.

"We need strong, decisive leadership in these uncertain times and that's what the Conservatives offer.

"We've got the dynamism, energy and the leadership to take the country in a new direction.

"I'm not going to be thinking about other results. I'm going to be thinking about what our country needs."

On a walkabout in Woodstock, the Tory leader said: "I really want people to understand, if they get a Conservative Government with me as prime minister, we will make sure, as we take difficult decisions, that we are compassionate, that we are reasonable, that we are responsible."

He said the way a government looked after the frail and vulnerable was how "you test a good society, not just in good times but in difficult times - do you take everyone with you.

"People need to know that is absolutely ... what I'll do."

Mr Cameron said he was approaching the final days of the campaign with "energy, energy, energy".

"I am going to be getting right round the country, the whole of the way round the UK, making clear the choice in this election," he said.

"Vote Labour - more of the same. Vote Liberal - complete uncertainty. If you vote Conservative, you get a new government on Friday, a new prime minister, a new direction for our country and we start to take the long-term decisions to make our country stronger.

"It's a big argument to make. We are in the last six days, but I'm going to give it everything I've got because I think this country is crying out for real change that will work for people, and that's what the Conservatives will deliver."