Cameron tells rebel: 'One more squeak and you're out'

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David Cameron yesterday rounded on two Tory backbenchers who made outspoken remarks about the controversy over MPs' expenses, writes Andrew Grice.

The Tory leader issued a final warning to Anthony Steen, the maverick MP who told the BBC this week that criticism of his expenses was motivated by jealousy among the public about his large house.

Mr Cameron said: "One more squeak like that and he will have the whip taken away from him so fast his feet won't touch the ground. It was a completely unacceptable interview."

Mr Cameron also rebuked Nadine Dorries after she said MPs were victims of a "McCarthy-style witch-hunt". She said there were fears that an MP could commit suicide and that the atmosphere at Westminster was "completely unbearable."

Mr Cameron replied: "Of course MPs are concerned, but frankly MPs ought to be concerned about what their constituents think and ought to be worrying about the people who put us where we are." A senior Tory said her remarks were "completely wacky."

Mr Cameron, looking ahead to next month's European and local elections, admitted: "The public are very angry, they have every right to be. I think they will give the major parties a kicking."