Chancellor's statement

At-a-glance guide to Gordon Brown's pre-Budget speech
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Winter allowance for pensioners up from £150 to £200.

Penions to rise faster than earnings. Extra £8 for singles, extra £12.80 for couples over next two years.

Credit extended for medium income pensioners.

For poorest pensioners: Minimum pension up to £100 per week (up £14) Couple's pension up to £154 per week.


Fuel moves for consultation: £55 tax discount now for up to 1500cc cars. Extra 3p cut in cost of ultra-low sulphur diesel. Extra 2p cut in cost of ultra-low sulphur petrol.

Abolish excise duty on farm tractors.

£715 cut in average lorry tax.

£100m for scrapping older lorries.

Foreign lorries to pay special taxes.

Fuel tax duty frozen to April 2002.


£200m for school repairs.

Up to £30,000 for every secondary school.

Up to £7,000 for every primary school.

Inner cities

Stamp duty abolished in poor areas.


VAT simplified for smaller firms.

Extend tax-relief for employee share option schemes.

250,000 young people to go on to New Deal.


Children's tax credit up from £8.50 to £10 per week.

Extra 150,000 lone parents on New Deal programmes.

Tax-free limit on ISAs up £2,000.