Chris Bryant lists David Cameron's cabinet heritage in 'bunch of migrants' response

Shadow Leader of the Commons reels off origins of various Tory members following Mr Cameron's PMQs comments

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A Labour MP has responded to David Cameron’s “bunch of migrants” remark by reminding the Prime Minister of his Cabinet’s own heritage.

Chris Bryant, debating at the despatch box in the House of Commons with opposite number Chris Grayling, reeled off the origins of various Conservative members.

"The first building on this site was put up by King Cnut, a Danish migrant," said Bryant, the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons.

David Cameron refers to Calais as 'bunch of migrants'

"Westminster Hall was built by William Rufus, son of William the Conqueror - the clue is in the name.

"The royal family has blood from Aragon, Holland, Hanover and Greece. The Rhondda was built with the sweat of Irish and Italian migrants.

"Our Speaker is descended from Romanian Jews, the Lord Speaker's family hails from Portugal.

 "The families of the Business Secretary (Sajid Javid) and the Member for Tooting (Sadiq Khan) are from Pakistan.

"The Member for Richmond Park's (Zac Goldsmith) father represented France in the European Parliament.

"The Corbyns were Norman French. The Graylings were probably French Huguenots. And God only knows where the Bryants came from.

"So can the leader of the House confirm that we are all a bunch of migrants?"

It came after Mr Cameron’s speech during PMQs on Wednesday, in which he responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s criticism of the Government’s back-dated tax deal with Google.

In response, Mr Bryant said: “You asked me about the word 'bunch’.

"I am very happy to use that word today.

"You and your colleagues are a bunch of spineless individuals who have not even got the courage to stand up for what they believe in."

The Speaker, John Bercow, said on Wednesday he found the Prime Minister’s remarks neither “disorderly” or “unparliamentary”.

But, he added: “Everybody must take responsibility for the remarks he or she makes in this House.”