Coalition u-turns: The government <i>is</i> for turning


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Foreign and Commonwealth Office

William Hague, Foreign Secretary

Plan to make to cut the money the Foreign Office contributes to the World Service. It will now provide an extra £2.2 million of funding to shore up the corporation's Arabic Service after widespread criticism.

Cost: £2.2 million

HM Treasury

George Osborne

U-Turn: Keeping universal child benefit. He announced at the Tory party conference in October that would be ended for top rate tax payers.

Cost: Saving £1 billion

Ministry of Justice

Kenneth Clarke

U-Turns: Mandatory jail terms for people caught carrying a knife; 50 per cent reductions in sentences for people pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity; Anonymity for rape suspects.

Cost: Unknown at this stage

Home Office

Theresa May

U-Turn: Proposal to allow police to use water cannon in riots; may yet be forced to back down on introducing directly elected police commissioners.

Cost of U-Turn: None

Ministry of Defence

Liam Fox

U-Turn: Backed down on his refusal to put the military covenant (which would enshrine rights to healthcare, housing and education) on a legal footing.

Cost: Unknown

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Vince Cable

U-Turn: Pledge to introduce a graduate tax instead of increasing tuition fees; Educational Maintenance Grants of £30 a week to poorer sixth-formers was due to be scrapped without replacement but a cheaper bursary scheme was announced after an outcry

Cost: Increases in revenue from tuition fees but £180 million for bursaries.

Department for Work and Pensions

Iain Duncan Smith

U-Turn: Scrapped plans to cut Housing benefit by 10 per cent from people on Job-seeker's allowance after a year; Due to water down plans to increase the age at which women can claim the basic state pension to 65.

Cost: Unknown at this stage

Department of Energy and Climate Change

Chris Huhne

U-Turn: None as a minister but backed plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations despite long-standing opposition to nuclear power.

Cost: None

Department of Health

Andrew Lansley

U-Turn: Wholesale changes to NHS reforms including plans to give GPs total power over commissioning; promoting competition in the NHS; and allowing any private company to provide NHS services

Cost: Unknown

Department for Education

Michael Gove

U-Turn: Plan to scrap free school milk at nurseries for the under-fives; Scrapping the School Sports Partnerships; The end of the Bookstart scheme giving free books for children.

Cost: Over £100 million

Department for Communities and Local Government

Eric Pickles

U-Turn: Pledge to force councils to carry out weekly bin collections; plan to create ‘shadow Mayors’ for large cities.

Cost: Saving of £500 million over four years

Department for Transport

Philip Hammond

U-Turn: Plan to cut the number of coastguard stations around Britain from 18 to eight.

Cost: £40 million

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Caroline Spelman

U-Turn: Plans to sell off 258,000 hectares of Forestry Commission land to the private sector.

Cost: £250 million

Department for International Development

Andrew Mitchell

U-Turn: Plans to stop £280 million a year of aid to India after claiming that the country could be considered too wealthy to receive aid.

Cost: None as the DFID budget in being increased.

Cabinet Office

Francis Maude

U-Turn: None so far but watch for the Government’s much anticipated White Paper on public services.

No U-Turns

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Jeremy Hunt