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Migrants will need to pass English language tests to be able to stay in the country 

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David Cameron has announced he provide an additional £22 million in order to help Muslim women learn English - though he has since been widely condemned for admitting that those who fail to become more fluent might face an increased threat of deportation.

In new guidelines coming in to force from October, those that are coming to the UK on a spousal visa who fail to pass an English language test after two and a half years could be forced to leave the country.

Mr Cameron has claimed the new scheme is to help protect Muslim women, by confronting men who exert “damaging control over their wives, sisters and daughters".

But what exactly will be expected from those who will be made to take the tests?

Cameron on language plans

At the moment, if someone wants to apply for an "indefinite leave to remain" visa, they’ll need to take a citizenship test and an English language test.

We’ve put together this short quiz using example questions from the B1 language test.



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