David Cameron hits out at Unite strike guide


David Cameron’s campaign to paint Len McCluskey and the Unite union as Ed Miliband’s sinister puppet masters took a new turn today with the emergence of a leaked document containing hints on how to organise a strike.

The Unite Industrial Action Guide, which contains a foreword by Mr McCluskey, was described by Mr Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions as a “very frightening document”.

The leak appears to have been carefully timed to destabilise Mr Miliband as he prepares for Labour’s annual conference, which opens in just over a week.

The action guide tells union officials: “We need to agitate for a growing sense of anger, nurture and organise that anger and instil a confidence in our members that by taking action they can win.”

Mr Cameron told MPs: “The document… is frankly a very frightening document, because it is trade-union leaders, not ordinary trade unionists, that are doing this; it is trade-union leaders that want to damage our country, want to damage our economy, and are playing politics with our future.”