David Cameron condemned live on TV by Andrew Marr Show band Squeeze as group change lyrics to target Tories

The Prime Minister was obliged to listen, and appeared oblivious to the criticism as he clapped at the end of the '70s rock band's performance

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David Cameron had no choice but to sit and listen as a seventies rock band criticised Tory policy to his face live on TV.

The Prime Minister appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning to launch a project that will see more than 100 council house estates torn down and replaced with private properties.

Mr Cameron wrote in the Sunday Times “the mission here is nothing short of social turnaround”, adding the Government will “tear down anything that stands in our way”.

And he told Andrew Marr: “I think it is time with government money - but with massive private sector and perhaps pension sector help - to demolish the worst of these and actually rebuild houses that people feel they can have a real future in.”

With the interview over, Mr Cameron stayed on the sofa with Mr Marr to listen to veteran rockers Squeeze, who played the title single from their new album Cradle to the Grave.

Lead singer Glenn Tilbrook has previously hit out at the Conservative Party for being “seemingly intent on pursuing little people and demonising immigrants”.

And apparently prepared for his Prime Ministerial audience, he changed the third chorus of the rendition of the new song so it went:

“I grew up in council houses

Part of what made Britain great

"There are some here who are hell-bent

On the destruction of the welfare state.”

Squeeze rose to fame in the seventies, and have been fronted by song-writing duo Tilbrook and Chris Difford ever since. 

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn told Huffington Post the band "gave a remarkably timely voice to what millions of people are thinking about how this government is failing", while the BBC was reportedly not made aware of the protest beforehand.