Election Briefing: Labour wins poll – but not a majority

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Labour emerged victorious from the Welsh Assembly elections – but missed an overall majority by one seat. It won 30 of the 60 seats but could not reach the "magic" 31, which would have resulted in a Labour majority government.

Labour gains mainly came at the expense of ex-coalition partners Plaid Cymru who came third after shedding four seats.

Election meltdown in target city


The British National Party suffered an election meltdown, securing just one council seat and losing nine that it had previously controlled. In its key target city of Stoke-on-Trent it lost all five of its councillors, while in Burnley it lost one of the two seats it controlled. The party managed to field only about 250 candidates.

Labour draws long straw – and wins


Labour won control of Bury council in unusual circumstances – by pulling the long straw. After three recounts, the Labour and Conservative candidates in Ransbottom ward had the same number of votes. They then drew straws, with the Labour candidate drawing the longest one to win an extra vote and the seat – giving Labour a council majority.

Solid in England, not in the valleys


The Green Party made substantial gains across England, doubling its number ofcouncillors with 23 new seats and becoming the largest party in its Brighton and Hove stronghold. But it did less well in Wales, where it failed to win the assembly seat it hoped for.

Galloway fails to make a comeback


The outspoken former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway failed in his attempt to re-enter frontline politics. Mr Galloway headed an anti-cuts coalition on the Glasgow list for the Scottish Parliament, but he failed to muster enough support. The Conservatives and the Greens took a seat each in the city region.