Election debate: Amber Rudd stood in for Theresa May despite father dying two days before

Ms Rudd faced intense pressure during the live TV contest with leaders of other parties

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Amber Rudd represented her party in the intense live TV election debate, despite her father having died just days before.

The Home Secretary was said to have “refused” to step down from the event, even though her 93-year-old father passed away on Monday, according to reports.

Ms Rudd was taking part in the televised debate - attended by all other party leaders - after Theresa May refused to show up.

Ms May confirmed earlier in the day that she would not take part, saying there were better ways to engage the public than them watching politicians “squabbling among themselves”.

With Ms Rudd already earmarked to stand in before her retired stockbroker father’s death, The Sun reported on Wednesday that she had wanted to keep campaigning despite the loss. 

The contest saw Ms Rudd endure criticism over benefits cuts, climate change, arms sales and immigration.

The death of her father is the second tragedy to hit Ms Rudd in a matter of months after ex-husband AA Gill lost his battle against cancer in December.