Emin 'outsider' in art world for voting Tory


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Tracey Emin has said that she feels an "outsider" in the art fraternity after admitting she voted for the Conservatives in the last general election.

Speaking on Radio 4's Today programme yesterday morning, which she was guest-editing, she said people could be "really abusive" about the decision, as people in the art world "never vote Tory".

Emin defended the Conservatives' record on dealing with the arts saying that they were doing "quite good actually", but that hard economic times ensured that "everything is being cut and there isn't any money".

The topic arose after Emin, 48, was told someone had written to Today saying she should not be on the programme as she was a "Tory stooge". Emin was quick to defend herself, saying: "I voted as an individual, I live in a democracy and I am allowed to vote for what I want, and I wish people would understand that."