Energy Secretary Chris Huhne divorced by wife

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Energy Secretary Chris Huhne was divorced by his wife on the grounds of his adultery today.

Mr Huhne, 56, announced in June that he was separating from his wife because of a "serious relationship" with another woman.

Economist Vicky Pryce was granted a decree nisi at a brief hearing at the High Court's family division in central London.

Neither party, who married in London in 1984, attended the proceedings before District Judge Anne Aitken.

In a divorce document made public today, Ms Pryce states that her husband had admitted adultery. The woman is not named in the papers.

Last year the senior Liberal Democrat MP said: "I am in a serious relationship with Carina Trimingham and I am separating from my wife."

Ms Trimingham, a former journalist who works in PR, was part of Mr Huhne's campaign team when he took on Nick Clegg for the party leadership in 2007.

In a question-and-answer style document, Ms Pryce, as petitioner, is asked: "State briefly your reasons for saying that the respondent has committed the adultery alleged."

She answers: "He admits it."

Ms Pryce, who lives in south west London, is also asked: "On what date did it first become known to you that the respondent had committed the adultery alleged?"

She gives the date as June 19, 2010.

Asked if she finds it "intolerable to live with the respondent", she answers: "Yes."

She also says that, since June 19 last year, she has not lived with Mr Huhne in the same household.

In a separate document Mr Huhne is asked: "Do you admit the adultery alleged in the petition?"

The MP answers: "Yes."

In reply to a question asking if he objects to paying the costs of the proceedings, he states: "I agree to paying a reasonable proportion of the costs of the main suit."