When are the EU referendum results announced, and what time will we know who has won?

The Independent's guide to the results to watch for, what time to expect them - and when we could know the final answer of In or Out

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It is, without doubt, going to be a long night. The referendum results will be counted by local authority areas who will each declare their own results.

These will then be passed up to regional centres - who will declare their results - before being passed over to the central counting centre in Manchester where the final result will be declared around breakfast time on Friday.

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But for those who intend to "see it through" here is The Independent's guide to the results to watch for, when to expect them - and when we could know the final answer of In or Out.

How the EU referendum result is unfolding

1am Newcastle and Sunderland

These cities will be among the first results to declare. They are strong Labour areas so will be important to see how successful the party has been at getting their voters to back Remain.

1.30 Stirling

The first big Scottish city to declare. Expect a big Remain win – if not the UK could be heading for Brexit.

2.00 Oxford

Again should be a Remain vote. Turnout here will be interesting to see how many students have bothered to come out and vote.

2.00 Basildon

Which way will Essex man go: Probably for Brexit - but if not it will be bad news for the Leave campaign.

3.00 Hammersmith

London is expected to firmly back Remain. If they don’t or its close here expect a long night.

3.00 Torbay

The South West has always been traditionally Eurosceptic. But has project fear been enough to scare richer voters into sticking with the devil they know?

4.00 Birmingham

Being such a large area this could be a real bell weather seat giving us the first real clear indication of how the vote is likely to go. But if its neck and neck we will still be hanging on.

4.00 Tendring

The local authority that covers Clacton – Douglas Carswell’s seat. Expected to be a stomping vote to Leave.

5am Glasgow and Liverpool

The votes will really be stacking up by now and it may well be possible to begin calling the night for Remain or Leave.

4.30 Great Yarmouth

A number of predominantly Eurosceptic areas, such as Great Yarmouth are not expected to declare until towards the end of the night – so even if Remain are in the lead – it could be reversed if the vote is tight.

7.00 Waveney

The Electoral Commission expects the final four results to come through at 7am. We should know who has won a bit before then. But if it’s close – who knows.


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