EU referendum: Vote Leave pushed to reveal plans for second UK vote on European membership

Senior Eurosceptics have suggested that a 'no' vote might not necessarily mean Britain leaving the EU 

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The group leading the campaign to pull Britain out of the European Union is to be challenged by Tory and Labour MPs to reveal whether it supports plans to hold a second referendum in the event of a Leave vote.

Senior Eurosceptics backing Vote Leave, including the former Tory leader Lord Howard, have suggested that a “no” vote might not necessarily mean Britain leaving the EU – but would be a chance to negotiate better terms.

Others, including Nigel Farage, have ruled this out, while Boris Johnson has appeared to advocate both positions.

The former Tory minister Damian Green and the former shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt have written to Matthew Elliott, chief executive of Vote Leave, demanding that he clarify the group’s position.

But a Vote Leave spokesman insisted  last night that the organisation’s position was clear.

“Vote Leave does not recommend that we have a second referendum,” he said. “We want Britain to leave the EU following a Leave vote in the referendum.”