Eurosceptic backbenchers to press PM for EU reform

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More than 100 self-styled "moderate Eurosceptic" Tory MPs are to challenge David Cameron to take a tougher stance on Europe.

The group will seek to exploit frustration that too many policy ideas are blocked because they risk falling foul of EU law. The Prime Minister vowed on Friday to remain "eternally vigilant in all matters European" as he assured ministers that Britain would not face a big bill for a second EU bailout of Greece.

The group's co-founder George Eustice, a new Tory MP and former press secretary to Mr Cameron, said: "We should ensure that the current crisis in the eurozone is a beneficial crisis, not just a painful one. We need to break the power of the centralised institutions of the EU and streamline the project so that it does less and does what it does better."