Foreign chief constables would be 'smack in the face'


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Moves to allow foreign police chiefs to become constables in England and Wales under new reforms to improve the force's leadership were described as a “smack in the face” yesterday by a former chief constable.

Theresa May, Home Secretary, will announce that she wants to change the law to allow men such as Bill Bratton, the former police chief in Boston, New York and Los Angeles, to run British forces, The Sunday Times reported.

The move is part of a wider shake up from ministers, who want to see "direct entry" into the police at superintendent level for "exceptional" individuals from the military, the security services industry, business and the professions. Up to 80 of the brightest graduates will also be recruited at inspector level and trained as future chief constables. Currently applicants can only join as constables

The aim is to promote intellectual attainment.

Derek Barnett, president of the Police Superintendents' Association, said: "We don't accept the premise that there is a shortage of talent in the police service."