'Freebies' galore for hundreds of MPs (CORRECTED)

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HUNDREDS of MPs enjoyed foreign jaunts and fact-finding missions at someone else's expense and occasionally accompanied by their wives, the new register of members' interests reveals.

Globe-trotter of the year was Tony Worthington, Labour MP for Clydebank and Milngavie, who had six trips abroad totalling 36 days flitting between Macedonia, Sudan, the United States, Germany, Sierra Leone and Liberia. His trips were financed by overseas governments and Third World poverty campaigners, such as the Society for International Development and Population. Alan Howarth, Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon, came second with two trips to the United States amounting to 24 days, with flights at the expense of Virgin Atlantic and a champagne inaugural flight to France on Virgin's new Airbus 340. David Faber, Conservative MP for Westbury, was third with a total of 23 days in Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Russia and Italy.

The most-visited countries were Israel, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Turkish northern Cyprus. MPs who were accompanied on trips with their wives, paid for wholly or in part at the expense of the host, were Spencer Batiste, Jeremy Bray, Jack Cunningham, Sir Anthony Grant, Warren Hawksley, Bernard Jenkin, Peter Luff, Sir Michael Neubert, Michael Shersby and Gary Streeter.

P Ainsworth, (C Surrey East) one two-day trip, Germany; R Ainsworth, (Lab Coventry North East) one two-day France; A Amess (C Basildon) four-day Cyprus. Unspecified duration to Omaha, Nebraska, US; D Anderson, (Lab Swansea East) occasional visits Europe; J Anderson,(Lab Rossendale and Darwen) Germany, Cyprus (unspec dur); H Armstrong, (Lab Durham North West) three nights Inter-Con Hotel, Nairobi; two day- trips, Stockholm, Brussels; Jacques Arnold, (C Gravesham) two trips totalling six days Estonia, Portugal; D Ashby, (C North West Leicestershire) visits (unspec dur) Peru, Spain, Eire; P Ashdown, (Lib Dem Yeovil) five trips total 28 days Bosnia, India; J Ashton, (Lab Bassettlaw) five-day Melbourne; D Atkinson, (C Bournemouth East) two trips, total five days Romania, US; J Austin- Walker, (Lab Woolwich) four trips, total 15 days Dominica, Jordan, Occupied Territories, Albania, Turkey.

K Baker, (C Mole Valley) two-day Germany; M Banks, (C Southport) five trips total 22 days Indonesia, Dubai, Italy, Norway, US; R Banks, (C Harrowgate) two trips Sudan, one 7 days, one unspec dur; T Banks, (Lab Newham North West) two trips total 9 days Azores, Hong Kong; M Bates, (C Langbaurgh) eight-day Israel; S Batiste, (C Elmet) 8 days Israel with wife; H Bayley, (Lab York) two two-day visits Serbia, Germany; M Beckett, (Lab Derby South) two- day visit Germany; R Beggs, (UUP Antrim East) two trips (unspec dur) Turkish N Cyprus and Gibraltar; A Beith, (Lib Dem Berwick upon Tweed) one four-day Germany; T Benn, (Lab Chesterfield) four trips total 10 days to Denmark, France, America, Canada, Cyprus; A Bennett, (Lab Denton and Reddish) one (unspec dur) Germany; G Bermingham, (Lab St Helens South) one three-day Sicily; J Biffen, (C Shropshire North) one seven-day to Turkish N Cyprus; J Blackburn, (C Dudley West) five-day to Melbourne; T Blair, (Lab Sedgefield) one to US (unspec dur); P Boateng, (Lab Brent South) four trips, total seven days to SA, Sweden, Belgium; Sir R Body, (C Holland with Boston) one (unspec dur) Gibraltar; Sir N Bonsor, (C Upminster) one (unspec dur) Hong Kong; B Boothroyd, (Lab West Bromwich West) four-days Cyprus; T Boswell, (C Daventry) one (unspec dur) Europe; A Bowden, (C Brighton Kemptown) no recorded visits abroad (unspec dur and destinations); J Bowis, (C Battersea) two-day visit Italy; K Bradley, (Lab Manchester Withington) eight-day visit Israel; J Bray (Lab Motherwell South) one Hong Kong with wife (unspec dur); J Brazier, (C Canterbury) six-day visit US; G Bright, (C Luton South) one-day visit France; G Brown, (Lab Dunfermline East) two trips (unspec dur) US; N Brown, (Lab Newcastle upon Tyne East) 10-day visit NZ; A Browning, (C Tiverton) two visits, total 13 days Kenya, Tunisia; I Bruce, (C South Dorset) two visits, total 12 days France, Japan; N Budgen, (C Wolverhampton South West) two-day France; R Burden, (C Birmingham Northfield) six-day Jordan and occupied territories; S Burns, (C Chelmsford) five-day Cyprus; A Burt, (C Bury North) three trips, total 12 days Italy, Holland and South Africa; P Butler, (C North East Milton Keyes) two trips, 16 days, Israel and Japan.

A Campbell, (Lab Cambridge) two-day to Austria; J Cann, (Lab Ipswich) two trips, total 12 days, to Turkish N Cyprus and Israel; J Carlisle, (C Luton North) one (unspec dur) Estonia; W Cash, (C Stafford) seven-day Antigua; J Clappison, (C Hertsmere) one (unspec dur) Argentina and Uruguay; D Clark, (Lab South Shields) two trips total 7 days Bosnia and Azerbaijan; M Clark, (C Rochford) two trips total 6 days to Indonesia, Mexico; E Clarke, (Lab Midlothian) one four-day Cyprus; D Clelland, (Lab Tyne Bridge) one seven-day Israel; A Clwyd, (Lab Cynon Valley) two trips total 15 days Peru and Turkey; A Coffey, (Lab Stockport) one eight-day Japan; M Colvin, (C Romsey and Waterside) six trips (unspec dur) to Malta, HK, Taiwan, Seattle, and Munich; F Cook, (Lab Stockton North) two trips total 7 days Germany, Israel; S Coombs, (C Swindon) one (unspec dur) Kenya and one two-day France; R Corbett, (Lab Birmingham Erdington) three trips total 11 days to Cyprus, HK and France; J Corbyn, (Lab Islington North) two trips total 5 days Germany and Greece; J Couchman, (C Gillingham) two trips total 14 days to HK, Taiwan, France; J Cousins, (Lab Newcastle upon Tyne Central) two-day to France; J Cran, (C Beverly) seven-day Israel; J Cunningham, (Lab Copeland) two trips (unspec dur) one with wife to S Africa, Egypt, Israel; eight-day to HK and China with wife; E Currie, (C Derbyshire South) four-day Germany and one night's accomm in Israel.

A Darling, (Lab Edinburgh Central) two- day Germany; B Davies, (Lab Oldham Central and Royton) two trips total 14 days Pakistan and Cyprus; Q Davies, (C Stamford and Spalding) eight trips (unspec dur) Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, and Estonia; D Davis, (C Boothferry) two-day Italy; T Devlin, (C Stockton South) 10-day Japan; T Dicks, (C Hayes and Harlington) three trips total 16 days to Singapore, Qatar, Canada; D Dixon, (Lab Jarrow) one-day France; B Donohoe, (Lab Cunninghame South) three trips total 11 days to Singapore, Norway, US; J Dowd, (Lab Lewisham West) two-day Belgium; A Duncan,(C Rutlan and Melton) two- day Italy; I Duncan-Smith, (C Chingford) two trips total 12 days Azerbaijan, Taiwan; Sir A Durant, (C Reading West) four-day to HK.

T Eggar, (C Enfield North) three-day Italy; H Elletson, (C Blackpool North) nine visits (unspec dur) to Yugoslavia, Russia, Albania, and former USSR; D Enright, (Lab Hemsworth) two visits total 11 days to Israel, Cyprus; J Evans, (C Brecon and Radnor) 11- day Israel; N Evans, (C Ribble Valley) two trips total 12 days to Israel, Bosnia; D Evennett, (C Erith and Crayford) eight-day to Israel; M Ewing, (Scot Nat Moray) one seven-day Turkish N Cyprus.

D Faber, (C Westbury) five trips total 23 days Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Russia, and Italy; M Fabricant, (C Mid-Staffordshire) five- day to Australia; A Faulds, (Lab Warley East) seven-day to Turkish N Cyprus; B Field, (C Isle of Wight) two-day Germany; D Foster, (Lib Dem Bath) four trips total 17 days to Macedonia, France, Serbia and Israel; G Foulkes, (Lab Carrick Cumnock and Doon Valley) four trips total 11 days to US, France; L Fox, (C Woodspring) five trips total 16 days to Hungary, Macedonia, Spain, Germany, Bosnia.

P Gallie, (C Ayr) seven-day Israel; G Galloway, (Lab Glasgow HIllhead) three trips (unspec dur) to Mid East, Malawi and Iraq; M Gapes, (Lab Ilford South) two-day Europe; Sir G Gardiner, (C Reigate) four-day US; E Garnier, (C Harborough) three trips total 16 days to Kenya, Azerbaijan and Hong Kong; J Gilbert, (Lab Dudley East) one two- day South Korea and one visit (unspec dur) to Netherlands; Cheryl Gillan, (C Chesham and Amersham) one six-day Taiwan; Roger Godsiff, (Lab Birmingham Smallheath) two trips total 17 days Israel and Pakistan; Llin Golding, (Lab Newcastle under Lyme) one two-day France; Charles Goodson-Wicks, (C Wimbledon) one (unspec dur) Israel; Mildred Gordon, (Lab Bow and Poplar) one four-day to Israel; John Gorst, (C Hendon North) two total 8 days to Ghana and Australia; Sir A Grant, (C Cambridgeshire South West) one three-day Prague with wife; Bernie Grant, (Lab Tottenham) five trips (unspec dur) to Curacao, Nigeria, US, Denmark, Dominica; Harry Greenway, (C Ealing North) one four-day trip to Pakistan; Nigel Griffiths, (Lab Edinburgh South) two trips (unspec dur) to Majorca and France; Bruce Grocott, (Lab The Wrekin) one two-day trip to France.

Peter Hain, (Lab Neath) one eight-day trip to US; Keith Hampson, (C Leeds North West) one three-day trip to Mauritius; David Hanson, (Lab Delyn) one four-day trip to Cyprus; Nick Harvey, (Lib Dem North Devon) one five-day trip Singapore; Alan Haselhurst, (C Saffron Walden) one six-day trip to US; Nicholas Hawkins, (C Blackpool South) three trips totalling 12 days to Israel, France and Germany; Warren Hawksley, (C Halesowen and Stourbridge) three trips total 10 days to Turkish Northern Cyprus and France, one with wife; Jerry Hayes, (C Harlow) one trip US (unspec dur); Doug Henderson, (Lab Newcastle upon Tyne North) one two-day trip France; Charles Hendry, (C High Peak) two trip total 5 days to Germany, Hungary and Italy; John Heppell, (Lab Nottingham East) one four-day trip Cyprus; Robert Hicks, (C Cornwall South East) three trips (unspec dur) China, Israel and Kuwait; James Hill, (C Southhampton Test) one eight-day trip to Sri Lanka; J Hood, (Lab Clydesdale) one-day to Cyprus; G Hoon, (Lab Ashfield) one two-day France; A Howarth, (C Stratford-upon-Avon) two trips total 25 days to US, France; D Hoyle, (Lab Warrington North) one eight-day to HK; K Hughes, (Lab Doncater North) three-day Cyprus; R Hughes, (C Harrow West) three- day Italy; R Hughes, (Lab Aberdeen North) two trips total 11 days to Turkish N Cyprus, Norway; S Hughes, (Lib Dem Southwark and Bermondsey) seven-day to S Africa; A Hunter, (C Basingstoke) one trip (unspec dur) Malawi; J Hutton, (Lab Barrow and Furness) one visit (unspec dur) Israel.

E Illsley, (Lab Barnsley Central) two-day Belgium; A Ingram, (Lab East Kilbride) two trips total 13 days to Israel, Taiwan.

H Jackson, (Lab Sheffield Hillsborough) one trip (unspec dur) Occupied Terroritories; G Janner, (Lab Leicester West) one trip (unspec dur) South Africa; B Jenkin, (C North Colchester) three trips total 16 days to Israel, Germany and Greece, one with wife; Sir R Johnston, (Lib Dem Inverness Nairn Lochaber) two trips total 7 days to Macedonia, Bosnia; R Jones, (C Hertfordshire West) two trips (unspec dur) Germany, Cyprus; M Jopling, (C Westmorland and Lonsdale) one three-day trip to France; T Jowell, (Lab Dulwich) one three- day trip to Germany.

G Kaufman, (Lab Manchester Gorton) seven-day trip to Australia; A Keen, (Lab Feltham and Heston) two trips (unspec dur) to Indonesia, Singapore; J Kennedy, (Lab Liverpool Broadgreen) eight-day visit Israel; P Khabra, (Lab Ealing Southall) 21-day trip India; Sir J Kilfedder, (Ind U Down North) one trip (unspec dur) Sri Lanka; N Kinnock, (Lab Islwyn) five trips total 13 days to Ireland, Sweden, Germany and Russia; T Kirkhope, (C Leeds North East) two trips (unspec dur) Italy and Germany; A Kirkwood, (Lib Dem Roxburgh and Berwickshire) six-day HK; R Knapman, (C Stroud) two trips (unspec dur) Estonia and Kashmir; G Kynoch, (C Kincardine and Deeside) one trip (unspec dur) HK.

Sir I Lawrence, (C Burton) three trips total 19 days to Cyprus, Sweden, Israel; R Leighton, (Lab Newham North East) one trip (unspec dur) Japan; D Lidington, (C Aylesbury) two trips total 5 days to Macedonia and Italy; R Litherland, (Lab Manchester Central) seven-day Turkish N Cyprus; T Lloyd, (Lab Stretford) two trips (unspec dur) to Japan, Israel; E LLywd, (Plaid Cymru Meirionnydd Nant Conwy) three-day Germany; P Luff, (C Worcester) three trips total 12 days Norway, France, Israel. One trip (unspec dur) HK with wife.

T McAvoy, (Lab Glasgow Rutherglen) three-day Norway; I McCartney, (Lab Makerfield) seven-day Israel; J McFall, (Lab Dumbarton) three trips (unspec dur) Israel, Japan, HK; W McKelvey, (Lab Kilmarnock and Loudoun) one three-day Cyprus; A Mackinlay, (Lab Thurrock) six-day Israel; K McNamara, (Lab Hull North) three trips total 7 days Ireland; J McWilliam, (Lab Blaydon) two trips total 6 days France, Egypt; M Madden, (Lab Bradford West) one day-trip Belgium; Sir D Madel, (C Bedfordshire South West) seven-day trip Israel; K Maginnis, (UUP Fermanagh and South Tyrone) seven-day visit to Turkish N Cyprus; A Mahon, (Lab Halifax) seven-day Turkey; Lady O Maitland, (C Sutton and Cheam) two trips total 14 days Kuwait, S Africa; K Mans, (C Wyre) four trips total 18 days Italy, Estonia, Cyrpus, Israel. Three trips (unspec dur) US, Singapore, Belgium; J Marek, (Lab Wrexham) six trips total 17 days Singapore, Belgium, S Korea, France; D Marshall, (Lab Glasgow Shettleston) two-day visit Norway; J Marshall, (C Leicester South) three-day Cyprus; Sir M Marshall, (C Arundel) one visit (unspec dur) France; E Martlew, (Lab Carlisle) two visits total six days to Macedonia, Bosnia and Serbia; M Meacher, (Lab Oldham West) 10-day visit India; A Meale, (Lab Mansfield) two trips total 5 days Cyprus, France; D Mellor, (C Putney) unspec overseas visits; A Michael, (Lab Cardiff South And Penarth) two two-day trips Holland, Portugal; A Miller, (Lab Ellesmere Port and Neston) one-day Switzerland; Iain Mills, (C Meriden) two trips total 4 days Switzerland, the Philippines; A Mitchell, (C Gedling) four-day Estonia; Sir R Moate, (C Faversham) two trips total 7 days Norway, US; L Moonie, (Lab Kirkcaldy) Russia (unspec dur); R Morgan, (Lab Cardiff West) Russia (unspec dur); E Morley, (Lab Glanford and Scunthorpe) four-day Norway; E Morris, (Lab Birmingham Yardley) eight- day Israel; M Morris, (C Northampton South) seven-day Sri Lanka; M Mowlam, (Lab Redcar) one trip (unspec dur) Germany; P Murphy, (Lab Torfaen) three-day Norway.

Sir M Neubert, (C Romford) London- Nice return flight with wife; P Nicholls, (C Teignbridge) five-day trip to Indonesia; D Nicholson, (C Taunton) four trips total 13 days Italy, Estonia; S Norris, (C Epping Forest) four-day trip Cyprus.

M O'Brien, (Lab Warwickshire North) three-day Holland; W O'Brien, (Lab Normanton) eight-day Taiwan; E O'Hara, (Lab Knowsley South) four trips (unspec dur) Greece, Cyprus, Germany; W Olner, (Lab Nuneaton), two trips total five days Oslo, France; P Oppenheim, (C Amber Valley), two trips (unspec dur) to US, S Africa; R Ottaway, (C Croydon South), seven-day Israel.

R Page, (C Hertfordshire South West) two trips total 7 days Majorca, France; J Paice, (C Cambridgeshire South East), one trip (unspec dur) Estonia; E Peacock, (C Batley & Spen), one trip (unspec dur) Taiwan; T Pendry, (Lab Stalybridge & Hyde), two trips total 4 days Ireland, France; E Pickles, (C Brentwood & Ongar), eight days Israel; P Pike, (Lab Burnley), nine days S Africa; M Portillo, (C Enfield, Southgate), one night hotel Spain; W Powell, (C Corby), two trips total 10 days Egypt, Tunisia; B Prentice, (Lab Lewisham East), 5 days Egypt; G Prentice, (Lab Pendle), five-day Egypt; J Prescott, (Lab Hull East) three-day trip Cyprus; K Purchase, (Lab Wolverhampton North East), three trips (unspec dur) Israel, Germany, Cyprus.

G Radice, (Lab Durham North), four trips total 10 days Germany, Denmark, France; T Rathbone, (C Lewes), seven-day Jordan; M Redmond, (Lab Don Valley), five-day Cyprus; J Reid, (Lab Motherwell North), three trips total 16 days Bosnia, Azerbaijan; G Riddick, (C Colne Valley), three trips total 12 days Norway, France; A Robathan, (C Blaby), two trips total 10 days to former Yugoslavia, Azerbaijan; R Robertson, (C Aberdeen South), eight-day Israel; M Robinson, (C Somerset & Frome), two trips total 10 days Italy, Israel; B Roche, (Lab Hornsey & Wood Green), three-day Cyprus; A Rogers, (Lab Rhondda), one trip (unspec dur) Taiwan; E Ross, (Lab Dundee West), five-day Tunisia; A Rowe, (C Kent Mid), two-day France; Dame A Rumbold, (C Mitcham & Morden), nine-day Taiwan.

D Shaw, (C Dover), three-day Germany; M Shersby, (C Uxbridge), one trip (unspec dur) to Falklands with wife; A Simpson, (Lab Nottinghamshire South), one trip (unspec dur) to Occupied Territories; R Sims, (C Chislehurst), two trips total 11 days to HK, China; A Smith, (Lab Oxford East), two trips total 5 days Germany; C Smith, (Lab Islington South & Finsbury), one trip (unspec dur) Germany; Sir D Smith, (C Warwick & Leamington), two-day Gibraltar; John Smith, (Lab Monklands East), two trips total 11 days France, Israel; P Snape, (Lab West Bromwich East), four trips total 13 days French Guyana, France, US; N Spearing, (Lab Newham South), three trips total 10 days Sweden, Denmark, Norway; Sir K Speed, (C Ashford), two trips total 9 days Qatar, Holland; J Spellar, (Lab Warley West), three trips total 17 days Japan, France, Israel; Sir J Spicer, (C Dorset West), 14-day S Africa and a trip (unspec dur) Azebaijan; M Spicer, (C Worcestershire South), four trips total 21 days Denmark, US, France; R Spink, (C Castle Point), one trip (unspec dur) Japan; R Spring, (C Bury St Edmunds), seven-day Turkish N Cyprus; I Sproat, (C Harwich), two trips (unspec dur) US, France; Sir J Stanley, (C Tonbridge & Malling), two trips total eight days S Korea; Sir D Steel, (Lib Dem Tweeddale, Ettrick & Lauderdale), frequent unspecified overseas trips; G Steinberg, (Lab Durham, City of), eight-day Israel and one trip (unspec dur) Norway; M Stephen, (C Shoreham), two trips total nine days France, Israel; R Stott, Lab, two-day US; J Straw, (Lab Blackburn), three-day Pakistan; G Streeter, (C Plymouth Sutton), two trips total 15 days Israel, S Africa, one with wife; J Sykes, (C Scarborough), four trips total 22 days Kenya, Italy, Israel, Australia.

I Taylor, (C Esher), two trips total 6 days Germany, Italy; M Taylor, (Lib Dem Truro), six-day Israel; Sir T Taylor, (C Southend East), 3 'brief' visits Libya; R Thomason, (C Bromsgrove), one trip (unspec dur) Germany; Sir D Thompson, (C Calder Valley), six-day H Kong; P Tipping, (Lab Sherwood), seven-day Armenia; C Townsend, (C Bexleyheath), two trips total 10 days Poland, Algeria; D Tredinnick, (C Bosworth), one visit US (unspec dur); M Trend, (C Windsor & Maidenhead), two trips total 11 days Japan, Italy; N Trotter, (C Tynemouth), occasional unspec trips; D Turner, (Lab Wolverhampton South East), four-day Russia; I Twinn, (C Edmonton), four trips total 19 days Italy, Greece, Cyprus.

K Vaz, (Lab Leicester East), one trip (unspec dur) Gibraltar; P Viggers, (C Gosport), 10-day Japan.

G Walden, (C Buckingham), six-day Jamaica; B Walker, (C Tayside North), three trips total nine days to Brussels, Egypt, Germany; J Wallace, (Lib Dem Orkney & Shetland), seven-day H Kong; G Waller, (C Keighley), two-day Norway; J Walley, (Lab Stoke-on-Trent), three-day trip France, Belgium; R Wareing, (Lab Liverpool West Derby), two trips total nine days to former Yugoslavia; N Waterson, (C Eastbourne), two trips (unspec dur) Kenya, Germany; M Watson, (Lab Glasgow Central), three trips total 12 days Germany, Algeria; J Watts, (C Slough), two trips (unspec dur) US, Qatar; Sir J Wheeler, (C Westminster North), two trips total 13 days to Israel and Pakistan; J Whittingdale, (C Colchester South & Maldon), one four-day Cyprus; M Wicks, (Lab Croydon North-West), eight-day trip Israel; Sir J Wiggin, (C Weston-super- Mare), two trips (unspec dur) China, Germany and one-day France; D Willetts, (C Havant), four trips total 16 days Hungary, Germany, Italy, H Kong; D Wiltshire, (C Spelthorne), three trips (unspec dur) to Belgium, Cyprus, France; B Wilson, (Lab Cunninghame North), two trips totalling five days US, France; Ann Winterton, (C Congleton), seven-day Turkish N Cyprus; N Winterton, (C Macclesfield), seven-day Turkish N Cyprus; T Worthington, (Lab Clydebank & Milngavie), six trips total 36 days Macedonia, Sudan, US, Germany, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

D Young, (Lab Bolton South East), five- day Tunisia

The visits outlined relate to, or arise out of membership, of the House, but the cost of the trip has not wholly been met by the MP or UK public funds. Visits on behalf of Select Committees, the British-Irish Parliamentary Body and similar groups are excluded.


LEWIS MOONIE, the Labour MP for Kirkcaldy, has asked us to point out that, contrary to Wednesday's report on MPs' jaunts and fact-finding missions, he did not travel to Russia. We apologise.

We also incorrectly stated that Robert Hughes, Labour MP for Aberdeen North, visited the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Norway. These trips were made by Roy Hughes, Labour MP for Newport East. Robert Hughes made no overseas trips. We apologise.