From poles to polls: Peter Stringfellow may take on Nick Clegg in next general election

Hint comes after Deputy Prime Minister said the nightclub owner did not deserve a state pension

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London nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow has hinted that he may stand against Nick Clegg at the next general election, after the Deputy Prime Minister said he was someone who didn't deserve a state pension.

He said that at the age of 72, he had "done everything a guy would probably like to do... and I might take a serious view of moving into politics" - and he has his eye on his home town of Sheffield.

The millionaire has been riled by Mr Clegg after he was used as ammunition in his fight to remove the winter fuel payment from wealthy pensioners.

"You cannot ask people to take big cuts in their... benefits, and say it's okay for Peter Stringfellow and Alan Sugar to be given a whole bunch of free benefits when they don't need it, paid for by other taxpayers," he said.

He repeated his comments yesterday in his weekly phone-in on radio station LBC 97.3.

Asked by the station's James Whale about the chances that he might stand in Mr Clegg's Sheffield Hallam constituency in 2015, Mr Stringfellow said: "I think 'why not?'. It has opened my mind to the possibility and the idea of going back to my home city and taking him on would be my first choice.

"Everybody knows my clubs are full of beautiful girls taking their clothes off. I don't want to be Hugh Hefner... so a bit later on in life I like the idea of going into politics and I think I could contribute the reality."

He suggested that his line of business would make him an "easy target", so would likely stand as an independent, despite being a supporter of the Tory party. Though he added: "If they'd like to adopt me, fine."