Bookies now say Ed Miliband is more likely to be prime minister than David Cameron

The Labour leader is judged more likely to be PM for the first time

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Ed Miliband is now more likely than David Cameron to be prime minister after the election, according to new bookies’ odds.

The bookmakers’ PaddyPower now has Ed Miliband at 5/6 odds, with David Cameron trailing behind on 10/11.

Despite the Tories failing to open up a sustained lead against Labour, Mr Miliband’s low personal ratings have convinced many watchers that Labour will not win the election.

Labour’s poll ratings have been in front of the Conservatives’ for the vast majority of this parliament, with the two parties now broadly neck-and-neck.

Mr Miliband has also seen a steady uptick in his personal scores since the start of the official campaign season.

With this in mind, this is the first time during the campaign that Mr Miliband has been seen as the most likely victor after the election.

The bookies also have Mayor of London Boris Johnson in third place at 35/1.


Mr Johnson is standing as an MP at the election and in theory could become leader before a government was formed if David Cameron were to resign.

The latest poll is a Guardian/ICM survey showing the Conservatives with a narrow lead over Labour by 34% to 32%. The Liberal Democrats at on 10%, Ukip on 11% and the Green Party on 5%.

The SNP are likely to gain a large proportion of Scotland’s seats if local polling in Scotland is replicated on polling day.

The survey results would be unlikely to lead to a majority for either party and would probably leave Labour and the Conservatives roughly neck-and-neck, reliant on support of small parties.