'F*** off back to Eton': David Cameron serenaded by ukulele-playing busker

Video: The prime minister just smiled, walked on and posed for some selfies

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While Nigel Farage was busy having an awkward conversation with an Eastern European worker, the Prime Minister was being heckled by an irate busker on the ukulele: welcome to General Election 2015.

David Cameron was gearing up for his party's manifesto launch by strolling around the streets of Alnwick, Northumberland. However, his pleasant walk was somewhat ruined by a busker singing the tune, "f*** off back to Eton with all your Eton chums".

Listen to the song below:

Cameron, who was on the other side of the road as the song began, was campaigning with parliamentary candidate Anne-Marie Trevelyan. One of the prime minister's security detail came and had a word with the ukulele player as Cameron and his entourage walked straight past.

The prime minister smiled as he passed the heckler, preferring to pose for countless selfies with various residents of Alnwick rather than engage with him.

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