General Election 2015: Meet the only candidate in the UK with his own election song AND beer

The hashtag #constituencysongs was trending on Twitter last night but one Labour MP already has his very own song

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Journalists, election candidates and other political geeks found the break over the Easter weekend so hard to bear that they invented a new game on Twitter.

The aim was to rewrite song titles to include constituencies and it became so popular that the hashtag #constituency profiles started trending.

Among the best suggestions were: Hove Will Tear Us Apart; Harrow? Is it me you're looking for?  and Fear of a Black Thanet.

But there is one candidate running for election who already has his very own constituency song. 

Meet Pete Lowe, the Labour candidate fighting the key marginal battleground seat of Stourbridge in the West Midlands.

He is hoping to become the first MP for Stourbridge who was born and bred in the town and he his election slogan - Born, Bred, Believes - has been adopted by a local artist:

Stourbridge is currently held by Conservative MP Margot James, who won a 5,164 majority in 2010 but the seat was previously held by Labour and Mr Lowe is confident of winning it back. Earlier this year the polling website May2015 predicted he had cut the majority down to around 500 votes.

Mr Lowe has such a cult following in the local community that he even has his own Born, Bred, Believes beer named after him:


Mr Lowe's town of Stourbridge also featured in the #constituencysongs game on Twitter last night:

But there were better contenders out there:

It was a chance for Tories to plug George Osborne's Tatton constituency:

Even the Number 10 cat Larry was in on the fun:

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