General Election 2015: The British public is more decisive on McMuffins and the national bird than its politics

The British public currently crave a McMuffin at 5pm more than any one party

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As we approach the May election with the increasing likelihood of a hung parliament, it has become apparent that as a nation we simply can’t get behind one party or leader.

May 2015’s poll of polls currently shows that no political party currently holds more than a third of the general public’s support.


While the nation may be at odds with itself over who it wants in Number 10, the public have some fairly decisive views on other matters.

For example, if we talk policies, the public is firmly in support of standardised cigarette packaging, following the example of Australia.


We also, on average, support penalty fines for missing GP or other NHS appointments.


Likewise, we have majority approval of gay men becoming parents, as well as children receiving sexual education during, or before, Year 6 (ages 10-11).



The BBC’s decision to sack Jeremy Clarkson, a news story that divided the Top Gear loving public, also brought more of a consensus.


The British public also currently crave a McMuffin at 5pm more than any one party, as a recent poll showed all-day breakfasts at McDonalds had the Great British thumbs up.


We even support overthrowing daylight savings more.


Even a split field of ten different candidates didn’t stop us choosing a national bird in secret ballot, yet we can’t get behind one party’s politics.


Finally, only Labour and the conservatives can boast a higher approval rate than the legalisation of marijuana, a policy we predominately oppose as a country.


Perhaps party leaders should be proposing daylight savings reform as a way of seizing swinging voters?

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