Opinion polls split over outcome of general election

YouGov put Tories ahead, while Survation believe Labour are in top spot

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Two new opinion polls have suggested the general election is on a knife-edge with one putting Labour ahead, the other the Conservatives.

A YouGov poll for The Sun had the Tories on 35 per cent, two points ahead of Labour on 33 per cent. Ukip were on 14 per cent followed by the Greens on seven with the Liberal Democrats on six.

However a Survation poll for the Daily Mirror found 34 per cent of voters backed Labour, giving the party a six-point lead over the Conservatives on 28. That survey had Ukip on 19 per cent, with the Lib Dems on 10 and the Greens languishing behind on four.

Survation’s chief executive Damian Lyons Lowe said: “Despite Labour's lead over the Conservatives in today's poll, both would fall far short of an overall majority. Although Labour would win more seats than the Conservatives, our Scotland polling indicates them losing 25-30 seats to the SNP in Scotland - a hung Parliament and coalition remain the theme of this election battle.”

The polls, produced on Tuesday, follow a series of surveys which have seen the two big parties vying for top slot. On Monday, one gave the Tories a two-point lead while another said Labour were four points ahead.