Video of Taiwanese baby strapped to steering wheel by parents causes internet outrage

Taiwanese social workers have confirmed that they have seen the video but will not be taking further action

A Taiwanese dad has caused controversy with thousands of internet users after he shared a video that showed him tie his one-month-old baby to a steering wheel as he pretended to drive.

The baby’s father Yong Liao, 39, was blasted by internet users after the video emerged last week showing his baby strapped to the vehicle’s steering wheel as he was spun from side to side at a service station in Miaoli County in west Taiwan.

The video was first shared on the internet by the baby’s mother, Xia Lung, 34, and quickly went viral across Chinese and Taiwanese social media channels. With the rising number of views, there was also a wave of criticism aimed at the parents from web users who labelled the video “irresponsible” and “shocking”.

The criticism led to the baby’s mother writing below the video: “I don't know what everyone is complaining about, we weren't on the main road at the time, we were only in a service station.”

This prompted even more outrage, eventually forcing the mother to take down the video down.

Taiwanese social workers confirmed that they been made aware of the video but said they would not be taking any action against the parents.

Wang Wei-Jun, the director of the Taiwanese Committee for the Improvement of Children's Rights, said: 'Looking at the video, it does not seem as if there is intentional abuse of the child, although I think it's fair to say that the parents are a bad example for others and that the activity is certainly dangerous.'