George Osborne failed to suppress a smirk at the mention of more austerity cuts during PMQs

The Chancellor failed to suppress a smile as his plans to enact more austerity cuts were quoted during PMQs

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As Jeremy Corbyn spoke about George Osborne's austerity cuts to disabled people and pensioners at today's Prime Ministers Questions, the Chancellor's face was seen to visibly light up.

The Labour leader addressed the chamber to criticise cuts to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) which is aimed at providing support to disabled people and which the Government recently voted to cut by £30 per week.

Mr Corbyn said: "If we really do have the strong economy that the Prime Minister claims, then why did the Chancellor say last week, I quote- 'We may need to make further reductions'?

"Who will these reductions fall on? The disabled? Pensioners? Young people? Women? Is he going to rule out attacking those groups?"

As he quoted Chancellor's plans to make further 'reductions', Mr Osborne failed momentarily failed to suppress a smirk.

Yesterday, more than 60 charities condemned the ESA cuts, labelling them a "step backwards" for disabled people and their families.