George Osborne 'wants Foreign Secretary post' if Conservatives win next election

Reports suggest William Hague may quit post next year

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George Osborne wants to become Foreign Secretary if the Conservatives form the next Government, it’s been claimed.

The Spectator magazine reported that Mr Osborne was looking for a move from Chancellor because “George likes to be where the action is”.

If elected, a Conservative Government would seek to renegotiate the UK’s membership of the European Union and then hold a referendum on whether to stay or leave the 28-nation bloc.

Some 47 per cent of people are now satisfied with Mr Osborne’s performance with 44 per cent dissatisfied, a considerable turnaround for a politician whose approval rating was once minus 32 points and who was booed at the Paralympic Games in London in 2012.

A No.10 aide recently told The Spectator that “George is not a liability any more”.

The Spectator speculated that Mr Osborne would not be “eyeing up the Foreign Office” if he thought William Hague, the current Foreign Secretary, was still going to be there after the 2015 election.